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Traditional | Inspiring | Lovely | Modern | Experiential | Approachable

Project Goal: Aria Creative aimed to create an approachable, creative, yet sophisticated visual identity that communicates with the ideal audience and purpose of Francine Gersting Interiors.

Monogram: It is the typographic design of a brand with just one letter or with the initials of a name, in the latter it works in an integrated way as if it were just one element.

Some authors suggest that monograms began to be used on coins around 350 BC. They were also found in art objects (paintings, sculptures or furniture) centuries ago.

Color Palette: In this color palette, Copper is an ode to the touch of drama and glam thatFrancine Gersting Interiors often brings to their designs. Grey represents strength and balance. Light Grey play offs a white color which brings sophistication and elegance. Along with Teal represents balance but can also evoke feelings of trust, worthiness and reliability. Rosé is a color that draws the attention of everyone who comes across it and, among the sensations it generates, are satisfaction, charm, delicacy, lightness, romanticism and femininity.

Old Branding for Francine Gersting

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